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Face Reality Acne Clinic treats acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation with a combination of in-office treatments and managed home care with custom-formulated specialized products. We get far better results than traditional methods of using antibiotics and dangerous drugs, such as isotretinoin (Accutane). Our modality is far less expensive and far more effective than medi-spa treatments such as laser and LED Light therapy. Our mission is to help as many people as possible, who are afflicted with acne, but maintain the quality of service and high rate of success that we presently have. We will continue to research new products and modalities to remain at the top of our field. Our vision is to have the medical community recognize and adapt this safe, effective and inexpensive way to treat acne, thereby, improving the lives of millions of people. Our Mission Statement: To improve the quality of treatment and products for those suffering from acne. To educate, train and guide skin care professionals in the treatment of acne. To get and keep you clear.