Lemon Cupcake from Sweet Dee's

Hey, Cupid

Sweet Dee in the Pelton Center has developed a loyal following for their fresh baked cupcakes and charming candy store ambiance. Fan favorite Lemon Cupcake & Cream Cheese is a regular, alongside a dozen or so other daily varieties that include seasonal cupcakes. Candy choices–from taffy to root beer barrels to chocolate cordials–line the walls and fill baskets. Now, wouldn’t your sweetie love a little sweet treat? Wouldn’t you?

Bowl of ramen from Tsuru Sushi


What fortifies resolve better than a cup of soup in mid-winter? A bowl of soup. Try these chill-chasers from the menus of some of Downtown San Leandro’s favorite restaurants. Read More…

Daisy, It’s the New Me!

January is, as are many of the other months, an opportune time to learn a new skill and revisit that list of things to try someday. An interesting and wide variety of classes are available locally and online. No pressure. Read More…

Sara, owner of Zocalo Coffeeshop

Spotlight: Sara Ubelhart

I hear that you’re roasting beans over at West Gate. Is that right? We are roasting at West Gate and really enjoying our new space. Dave Holley was really patient and accommodating in helping me pick just the right unit, Dave Weaver set up all of the roaster installation and Janet Tudor was super welcoming. I couldn’t ask for a better place to call our new home; there is a ton of natural light and plenty of room to grow as we work to expand our wholesale bean business. Read More…

Audrey Velasquez

Spotlight: Audrey Velasquez

Tell us a little about yourself and what do you do? My name is Audrey L. Velasquez, being in the hospitality industry, I get to take care of and make people happy every day! I am the General Manager of our hometown Hotel “The Marina Inn on San Francisco Bay.” Read More…