Construction of the San Leandro Transit Center, at the site of the San Leandro BART station, is about to begin!

The San Leandro Transit Center, or SLTC, will be the southern terminus of AC Transit’s innovative Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system which will provide faster, more reliable bus transit service between Oakland and San Leandro. The Transit Center will feature state-of-the-art BRT bus station platforms complete with furniture, artistic enhancements, security cameras, ticket vending machines, and real-time arrival displays.  A layover facility will also be built that will provide break room amenities for BRT operators. When complete, the Transit Center will offer San Leandro commuters seamless connections to East Bay jobs and schools via BRT, and to Oakland International Airport, San Francisco, and beyond via the San Leandro BART Station.

Construction of the San Leandro Transit Center is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 29th and will be completed by December 2019. In order to complete this construction in an efficient and timely manner, some bus and shuttle loading zones will be temporarily relocated to San Leandro Blvd., as indicated below.

Bus parking areas in front of construction zone (lines 28, 10, 10, 34/35, 34/35), with bus line 1 moved temporarily to Davis St. before or after bus pull-in area.
San Leandro Bus Rapid Transit Construction Update

It is important that San Leandro residents and business owners know why this construction is happening, how it will benefit them, and who to contact with any questions.  I encourage you to share this information with your networks in advance of the start of construction via email, social media, and the other channels you use to connect with them.

BRT’s innovation, frequency, and reliability are certain to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors of Oakland and San Leandro, and AC Transit is excited to unveil this unrivaled service by the end of the year.

To learn more about BRT visit  If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call Community Construction Relations Manager Geoffrey Johnson at (510) 681-3962, the BRT Information Center at (510) 891-5478 or visit the Center at 3322A International Blvd. in Oakland.