Sausage and Suds coastersWe’re very excited about this year’s Sausage & Suds Music Festival. There will be a truly fine selection of brews on tap, and foods that pair splendidly with your brew (or wine! Yes we’ll have wine too.) The music stage is shaping up nicely for more dancing in the streets.

Is your organization as excited as we are? Would you like to help sponsor the event? We can add your name to the list of sponsors on the drink glasses, or on the coasters that help keep things tidy. (Flip one of those babies over to discover who helped us in years past.) Want something bigger, like your banner on the music stage? We’ve got that option too. Remember: dancing and photo ops! You will be famous.

We’ll post more information as it’s available. Meanwhile, here’s a little glimpse of S&S from the past.