The clouds rolled out and left it a beautiful blue day. A warm July sun with a just a bit cooler breeze. Delightful! As my son and I walk into the market I take a deep breath and dissect the aromas. There is a bit of the ocean and bay, mixing in with fresh peaches and strawberries. Chickens are roasting on one side, Sausages on the griddles towards the other and on top of that I smell garlic and peanut from the Hidden Wok next door.

There are quite a few people but it isn’t crowded. A band is playing something from the 60’s while a few dance. A lot of listeners are just enjoying a spot in the shade.

Fresh peaches from the Farmer's Market

Fresh peaches from the Farmer’s Market. photo by Robert West

A couple of boys cruising around on their razors stop to sample some fresh peach. I note a look of surprise from one of them. I suppose he didn’t expect it to be so sweet and tasty. As they zoom off, the SLPD gives one of them a little “Slow Down” wave and turns back to a conversation on the advantages of Cops on bikes.

There is a lot of diversity in the food stuff offered. The wide array of veggies and fruits is just a small part. There is Bolani, craft breads, and Italian desserts. There is local honey and fresh brown eggs. While at another booth I see a gentleman who sharpens kitchen knives.

In front of the Englander there are several food booths. Sausages, Steak sandwiches, Caramel Corn, Indian curries, and Thai Chicken are just a few of your choices. The aromas are mouth watering.

As I buy some mushrooms and onions a friend gives me a wave. As we have a quick chat she shows me a beautiful live orchid she had just purchased. She mentions that the lemonade is particularly tasty.

Feel free to visit any Wednesday between 4 and 8 through October. Enjoy the afternoon. Say hi to some friends and enjoy a little music.