It’s Monday and I am recovering from a weekend backpacking. The sky is a crystal blue. The color seems so true that I remove my sunglasses just to make sure they haven’t had some effect. Wow!

Monday! For me Monday means opportunity. I work Friday and Saturday night just so that I can work Mondays building my own business. It’s true, the old adage, that you can’t really understand another person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. So when I walk downtown and pass by the businesses old and new, I am really beginning to understand the work and dedication that goes into making their business work.

It’s so much more than just opening the doors. Marketing, sales and service, leasing, bookkeeping and customers are just the essentials. It takes dedication, perseverance, and the will to shape a dream. As you walk along East 14th or through Pelton Center please keep this in mind. Their dreams, built on hard work, are your community. Their success is your downtown success. If they succeed our downtown is a better place. When they succeed, our downtown is clean and prosperous.

That is partly what the San Leandro Downtown Association is all about. Sharing their prosperity by providing events like “It’s a Wonderful Night”, BikeSL and Sausage & Suds. The Association helps to make it a pleasant place to visit. The Farmer’s Market is more than just produce. It’s a gathering spot for friends and families. None of this would exist if those shops were empty. None of this would exist if they were failing.

The San Leandro Downtown Association is also a call for Business Community. By pooling their resources they can handle challenges that alone would be beyond any one business. The Association allows them to deal with crime and police in a proactive way.  We welcome new businesses to come and visit and be a part of the San Leandro Downtown Association. Then your success can be our success too.