Here are a few updates from our members, as reported at today’s meeting.

SLED Gala (2015)

SLED Gala 2015

Kathy, SLED: The 4th Annual SLED Gala is coming up at the Casa Peralta House on West Estudillo Ave. on September 9. Photo at right is from last year’s wonderful Gala. Also see the mention below: SLED at Drake’s, August First Friday!
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Matt, Robert Jones & Associates: Don’t make a move without calling him! Matt reports that this is a great time for home buyers. He would be happy to help you find the right home.

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Gayle, Alta Mira House: They will have a website soon! Also, did you know that some of their rooms can be rented for special occasions? They have a unique and delightful fashion show coming up on August 15th, a fundraiser for their scholarship program.
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D. C. Dance's crew going to Disneyland to dance

D. C. Dance is dancing at Disneyland

Debbie, DC Dance Center proudly sends 32 dancers to perform at the Disneyland Resort. These DC dancers, ranging from 7 years to 16 years old, are headed to Anaheim CA, to perform for a world-wide audience. The 32 talented and dedicated dancers have been preparing all year for their performance. They will be performing Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and Character pieces. Also be sure to catch the D. C. Dancers from their Summer program at the Farmers Market on August 17.
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Anna, Anna W. Edwards Fine Art: An amazing show, The Black Woman is God: Reprogramming That God Code, is showing at SOMARTS in San Francisco through Aug. 17th.
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the interactive sound installation being constructed on the Joaquin Plaza

Joaquin Plaza under re-construction

Lars, City of San Leandro: The project going on at Joaquin Plaza is an interactive musical seating zone. Pretty exciting! There will be 30 new seats (once the fence comes down on Aug. 1). Watch for a not-yet-announced grand opening on August 3 around 5:30pm. Also, Lars mentioned that we’ll be seeing more art on our utility boxes. Ten boxes will be hand-painted, 15 more will have the polymer wrap (CalTrans boxes require this). One more: those street banners that hang along Davis and E. 14th Street? They’ve been redesigned and we should see new ones soon.
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Ahmed, Spine and Sportcare: They are adding space to their office, and are looking to hire a part-time massage therapist.
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Drake's Brewery: a fermentation tank

Drake’s not so secret tanks

Dow, Drake’s Brewery: Did we mention First Fridays? The next one on August 5th benefits SLED. At San Leandro’s own hidden gem, and letting you in on two secrets: Drake’s has increased their brewing capacity—now three times larger—with a new fermentation area that snuck into the back of what will have been Sports Authority. Secondly, watch for information on their birthday bash coming up on Aug. 26th (probably). Dow also mentioned the fabulous Drake’s Dealership in Oakland’s Auto Row—the fabulousness was seconded by others at the meeting.
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