The ride was awesome! It was a cool, sunny day. The police escorts were in full, blinking regalia for the western ride from downtown to the Marina Inn and back (a few photos below). The eastern ride, for the heartier riders among us, did not need blinking lights to stop their knobby tires from the off-road trails.

  • Here they come: police escorts with the BikeSL riders
    Bike SL, with police leading the way, full lights on, rolling down Williams St.

Indeed it took a team. Thanks all around:

  • to the San Leandro Police Department for ensuring our safety
  • to Larry Allphin for planning the western route
  • to Councilmember Michael Gregory for leading the eastern, off-road route around Lake Chabot
  • to Audrey Velasquez for providing cool waters at the Marina Inn
  • to Dr. Rosie Flores for providing snacks at the Marina Inn
  • to SLHS student Jenny for designing, organizing, and executing the awesome QR code scavenger hunt
  • to Paul the outdoor movie guy for some of the photos
  • to Judi for other photos and scavenger hunt support

Special thanks to New Belgium Brewing for donating this sweet ride for our raffle. The winner of the drawing for the bike is Greg Bryant (on the right side) and his son Scott, standing here with the New Belgium Brewing Company Fat Tire bike. Thanks also to the Englander Pub, Chris at Eden Bikes (for assembling this cool bike for us), and everyone that rode with the BikeSL fans.

New Belgium Brewing's Fat Tire bike NBB-bike-winner