Paul the outdoor movie guy in front of his small outdoor movie screen


SF Bay Area – Phone: 1 (510) 502 5082

Who are you an what do you do?

I am Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy. I own FunFlicks SF Bay Area, we are a full service outdoor movie event provider. We provide outdoor mobile theaters for crowds of 5 to 5000. Anything from birthday party movie nights on a small screens to a drive-in on one of our 40 foot screens.

Why are YOU a part of the Downtown Association?

I took my children to “It’s a Wonderful Night” for years. The organization works tirelessly to create these wonderful community events for San Leandro, I wanted to be involved.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done recently?

I have a super fun business. I would have to say an Outdoor Movie (and spending time with my family).