Audrey Velasquez

Audrey Velasquez, General Manager
Marina Inn on the San Francisco Bay

Tell us a little about yourself and what do you do?

My name is Audrey L. Velasquez, being in the hospitality industry, I get to take care of and make people happy every day! I am the General Manager of our hometown Hotel “The Marina Inn on San Francisco Bay.”

Why are YOU a part of the Downtown Association?

I was relocated from Southern California to manage The Marina Inn. I wanted to get to know people in our community. I was introduced to Jot of The Englander and he invited me to attend a Downtown Association meeting, he mentioned that it was a fun group. I went to a meeting and met a great group of business members. I loved that this association is an all-volunteer association that puts on great free fun events in downtown. I started volunteering 5 years ago. The members are so terrific and I still love it more than ever!

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done recently?

We had an employee appreciation luncheon. My staff works very hard. It’s fun to play games, pass out prizes, laugh, and eat and to be able to enjoy each other together.
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