I’ve come downtown for some early morning coffee. The rain is light but steady, the air is wet with it and smells of Spring. East 14th glistens in the lights of the cars passing by. The drivers are focused on getting to work and catching the traffic report. As the Sun continues to rise the street lights turn off one by one. Hidden behind the rain clouds, it’s a mystery how high above the green East Bay hills it really is. I can smell bacon coming from the diners and the Coffee Baristas are in the midst of their morning rush. The aroma of coffee blendsRead More →

It was a cool Spring day that was clear enough to see the green hills and cloudy enough to feel sure the green would stay awhile. Parking can be a little tricky, but I have never parked further than a block or two. As I turned onto Parrott Street my eyes take in the rows of canopies lining both sides of the street. The Elms and the street lights are familiar friends. I smell roast chicken, sausages, breads and maybe just a hint of rain in the air. My first stop was the Downtown Association’s Booth where Larry Alphin was passing out recipes, smiles, and information onRead More →